Geo-Escape : The Relic of Saint Mark (English Version)


An innovative play-at-home escape game in three chapters using Googlemaps

Ready for an escape game that you play at home, with friends gathered around a table or via video-conference, armed with your sense of observation, your wits… and Googlemaps? This ingenious mix of traditional riddles and innovative exploration brings international adventure within arm’s reach. All the wonderment of tourism and the frantic energy of an escape game… without the bill.

The series “Geo-Escape” starts with “The Relic of Saint Mark”, as it explores the alleys and canals of Venice. Will your group manage to unravel the cryptic clues of a murder story as dark as it is mysterious?

Contents: one downloadable PDF document (34 pages)

Split in: three interconnected chapters (can be played all in one go, or in multiple sessions)

Requires: a device that can use the “3D Streetview” feature of Googlemaps

Recommended but not essential: a printer

Ages: 10 and up



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